Best Trending Laptops of 2019 (Updated Guide)

August 26, 2019   |   by Faridkhan321

Best Trending Laptops of 2019 (Updated Guide)

In recent times, it is quite common to find laptops in every urban Indian home. Or at least a PC. And there are various types of laptops ranging from Rs 10,000 to more than Rs five lakh. Now, notice the differences in the prices. To be honest, it is the features in the laptop that are more expensive than the original device. Do you need a new device that is a laptop? Then, first gain information with this article on the laptop trends of 2019.


Present Day Laptops

Best Trending Laptops of 2019 (Updated Guide)

As a customer, you can expect a long battery life and more storage. And yes, the prices of the laptop will become low this year. You can expect two types of laptops in this year of 2019. The first type is the easy availability of the device that can give you the best performance for an affordable price.


The last, who want to buy an expensive laptop will find a model with more performance and excellent features. There are chances that the prices of these devices may come down. This aspect was clear in the CES show that took place in Las Vegas this year.


Always Connected PCs


When these models were introduced, they made quite an impact on the market. The free internet 4G was in-built, but the working of other features was not as per the demand. The promise made was –


  • Battery life – 20 + hours
  • Uninterrupted 4G LTE wireless connection



The earlier models with these features were the Asus NovaGo and HP Envy X2. They delivered on some promises, but when it came to processing documents, they fizzled out. The other brand Lenovo Yoga C630 made use of the Snapdragon chip and came out blazing in the CR testing. But the time it took to complete a task was much slower than the other two models.


And there were other challenges in store. As per the laptop experts, you cannot use the Always Connected models for playing video games or other work. This model is designed for people who want to have a device that is connected to the internet at all times.


  1. Laptop Trends of 2019 – You Can Buy A Good Model For An Affordable Price

Best Trending Laptops of 2019 (Updated Guide)

Are you interested in buying a good laptop below Rs 15,000? Then you are lucky. You can find many types of laptops in the market. Yes, they may not have the features as in an expensive model, but you can complete the tasks. Usually, they will have Intel Core Processors and will have a memory card of 4GB until 8 GB. When it comes to storage, you will have to make use of a large hard disk drive. There are also chances of a small Solid State Drive for storage.


If you are out to buy a new model, ensure to buy a laptop with more than 256 GB storage plan. In this way, you can accommodate images, videos, and other applications. There may be a reduction in the prices of laptops due to the competition of the chip market.

When it comes to the manufacturing of computer chips, it is the Intel company which has taken the lead. But this company has found an able competitor in the AMD company.  This organization has made inroads to the chip market because of its product, Ryzen. Similar to the Intel processors, this product also boasts of giving a fast performance. However, their price is low compared to the Intel processors. In the last year, there were limited numbers of Ryzen processors for laptops. The number is bound to change with this year.


But being the shrewd market leader, Intel unveiled its new product Core Processor, Sunny Cove. And it has brought about a change in performance as per the industry experts. So, if you are a gamer and has a skinny laptop, you can enjoy the process.


There are some laptops (affordable prices) where you can use the voice to search for a topic. You can find information about the weather, know about headlines or sports scores. There are also features to remind you of to-be completed activities.


  1. Laptop Trends of 2019 – Modifications in Style

Best Trending Laptops of 2019 (Updated Guide)

In the year 2018, you saw quite a few brands that introduced a new version with new designs. For example,  in the month of November, you had the company Lenovo release the model known as Yoga Book C 930. This device had the electronic link display feature. This option had helped the brand to bring out the model that has less thickness.


  • Have you seen a laptop covered in leather? Surprised! Check the HP Spectre Folio version. Every laptop brand will think of new ways to outsmart their competitors. They also want the customers to get a good worth for their money.
  • In this year, many brands will focus on one feature. To introduce a model that is light in weight and thinness. Search for the LG Gram model. Also, the new rival in the market for many established brands is Matebook X Pro. The parent company Huawei introduced this model with a different concept. You have to press a tab to make the webcam get active.
  • And when there are laptops and computers, can the Apple product be far behind? Some customers swear by the brand and they are forever loyal to the name. Yes, the model versions are expensive.
  • But given the new model version, MacBook Air released, you can hardly see any new changes. The loyalists of Apple products are satisfied with the new version in laptops. So, let us hope that there will not be any new entrant until the next year.
  • As per computer experts, you can expect to see changes in the Operating System. The apps will have to work excellently on computers.



Some models which became popular in 2019


  • Alienware Area 51-m – desktop processor (graphics card that can be updated)
  • Asus ROG Mothership – You can have a separate monitor and keyboard.
  • Acer Predator Triton 900 – useful for content creators.




The content mentioned in the article are some changes happening in laptop trends of 2019. However, a lot more needs to come as per the changes in other industries. Let us assume, you have a normal laptop. Either a normal one or expensive device, you need to give maintenance service. Now if the warranty period is not available, it is difficult to search for the laptop repair service. You need to take the device to a shop or opt for other methods. But there is a way to fix the problem.


Imagine, you are in Hyderabad and the laptop (normal model) needs a service. You install the app of the company offering doorstep services and hire the expert offering laptop services in Hyderabad. The problem gets fixed. This is for the normal model.


In the future, many laptops will have a feature called predictive maintenance. This feature is already available in many home appliances. This PM feature is also known by other names such as Smart Diagnosis. It checks if every part on the appliance is working fine. In case of a malfunction, it sends a message to your mobile. This feature, you can expect in the future laptops.

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