Why you need to have a Lavalier mic? (Updated Guide 2019)

August 26, 2019   |   by Faridkhan321

Are you engaged in television, public speaking any kind of interviews or theater or documentary film work then lavalier mic is an essential thing for you? This lavalier mic is also known as Lapel microphone in the market. If you want any kind of easiest way to get your voice out of the masses, then I think lavalier microphone will be the best option for you.

Why Lavalier mic is important?

Lavalier mic is a small mic that you can clip onto your subject’s body that is usually on your lapel or collar. Now you should know what else a lavalier mic called as. It is known as a body mic, clip mic or lapel mic because that is how you should use this lavalier mic.

Lavalier mic is a small thing which can be discreetly and strategically placed close to someone’s mouth which means you can catch the voice of them very clearly without taking any kind of background noises.

You can pretty easily hide the lavalier mic in the subject’s clothing so it makes the interview footage much more normal.

The hands-free nature of this Lapel mic makes it much more comfortable for the subject of your shooting.

Who Should have this Lavalier Microphone?

Are you a YouTuber then lavalier microphone should be a must-have thing for you as it can catch the voice very clearly without taking any kind of background noises?

So Youtuber should have two things that are Best lavalier mic and best camera for Youtubers this are the two things which will help a Youtuber in making their video popular.

A musician can also use this lavalier microphone as it is portable musician can keep this microphone nearer to their musical instruments like any kind of guitar that can be electrical or non-electrical, flute and other musical instruments for which they produce a clear sound towards their audiences.

How to use Lavalier MIC with smartphone

Most microphones with a 3.55mm stereo jack are usable with a smartphone which will provide you the right adapter.

If you look at the jack of a microphone you will see that there are several layers for different types of audio elements.

It is commonly known as TRS and TRRS which will stand for TIP ring sleeve and TIP ring sleeve respectively.

If you are having a TRS microphone with three stripes, Then you will need a TRRS adapter which will surely help you to make your four-stripe microphone work.

Many of the microphones need an adapter or already conform to the TRRS standard.

The person who is using an Android phone then I think most of the TRRS iPhone microphones will work with you, but you may want to search for information regarding your proper model just to keep self believe in yourself.

Another simple way to use lavalier mic with a smartphone is just plugged the microphone into your iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone and clip on to your shirt.

After that, you can quickly reproduce your voice, and for this, you do not need any kind of batteries and plugs.


I think after reading my article you should have all the answers about why you should have a lavalier mic. Now I have you have found this article as a useful one.

A person who is searching to record great sound on a documentary project or anything a Lavalier mic will very useful and handy thing for recording voice.

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